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A Strong Macroeconomic Environment

The success of the GTP will depend primarily on strong macroeconomic fundamentals, which will include among other things, a stable currency, low inflation, sustainable debt levels, revenue optimization and tight expenditure control which will guarantee fiscal balance, low competitive interest rates, strong external reserves backed by high levels of liquidity to support the financial sector.

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New Agricultural Revolution (NAR) for Ghana

For agriculture to be transformed in Ghana, it has to be:

  1. Market-led
  2. Technology and innovation drive.       
  3. Must optimize value for farmers
  4. Must promote economies of scale
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Industrial Transformation

This pillar of the GTP will build on the successes of the Government’s existing Ten Point Industrial Transformation Programme

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Accelerated Infrastructure Development

Promoting Private sector financing for public infrastructure such as Roads, Railways, Ports and Harbors, Water Supply Systems, Public Housing etc, which will reduce Government’s exposure to the financing of such infrastructure projects.

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Digital Mainstreaming

Digitalization will be mainstreamed in all Government and Public sector activities, building on the current work led by the Ministry of Communication and Digitalization. This will require enhanced investments in telecommunication infrastructure by both Government and the Private sector.

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Energy Security and Diversification

Greater emphasis to be placed on developing renewable sources of energy, by fast-tracking the execution of the Government's energy transition strategy, including but not limited to the introduction of nuclear and hydrogen energy. Additional investments in revamping existing generation and transmission infrastructure will be required

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Decarbonization and Climate Resilience

Scaling up Government’s current efforts at reducing Ghana’s carbon footprints and facilitating access to the carbon trading markets, as well as establishing mechanisms to strengthen the country’s preparedness against the negative effects of climate change.

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National Security and Defense Optimization

Deploying resources to strengthen National Security and Defence Mechanisms and Infrastructure, to deal substantively with emerging security threats and challenges, particularly in the Sahalian region.

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Downsizing Government

The architecture of Government will be overhauled by consolidating some existing Ministries, Departments and Agencies. This will mean running a lean Government structure that will ensure operational efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of Government services.

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Strategic Engagement with the International Community

Ghana’s diplomatic and Economic relations with the International Community under the GTP will be predicated on the principle of ‘positive neutrality’, based on the strategic interests of Ghana, as well as our shared commitments for the preservation of peace around the world and respect for humanity.

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