Behaviorial and Attitudinal Change

The success or failure of the GTP will depend among other things, on behaviourial and attitudinal changes in the mindsets of Ghanaians. This will include the following:

  1. Respect for the rule of law:
    All thriving democracies and matured economies are anchored on respect for the rule of law. This is a fundamental requirement for commercial transactions in the conduct of business in general.

  2. Patriotism:
    The pride of being Ghanaian and enhancing national consciousness, will have a significant and positive impact on not only promoting our cultural values, but will also help us appreciate the need to patronize Made in Ghana goods, and stimulate local production.

  3. Attitude to work: 
    Ghanaians generally have a lackadaisical and self-serving attitude to work. What we need to understand is that whether you are working for the Private sector or for the Government, as a worker, you are not doing a favour to your employer. It is your duty to ensure that you earn your living from the efforts of your labour.

  4. Enforcement of discipline: As a people, we must appreciate the need for discipline in all spheres of our national lives. The lack of discipline would undermine the success of any transformational agenda.

  5. The arrogance of power:
    This has been a major obstruction to progress in our country. People in positions of authority must understand that leadership is an opportunity to serve the people, and not to lord over them. In servant leadership, humility is an asset and not a weakness.

  6. Passion for Excellence:
    As a country, we must celebrate competence and excellence and not mediocrity.

  7. Getting Things Done:
    As a people, we must focus more on getting things done than talking. Ghana is gradually becoming a NATO country – “No Action Talk Only”. We need to remember that the use of time is a zero-sum game. What Ghana needs now are solutions and actions, not debates.


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