Environment & Natural Resources Management

Introducing comprehensive resource management covering Oil & Gas, Minerals, Water & Marine, and Land & Forest resources. Emphasizing value addition and banning raw material exports without 60% value addition by 2030. Scaling up carbon footprint reduction and climate change preparedness efforts.

Natural Resources Management

New policy recommendations under the Natural Resources sector will include the following;

  • A comprehensive programme for the management of Ghana’s resources will be introduced including but not limited to the Oil & Gas; Solid Minerals; Water & Marine resources; and Land and Forest resources.
  • Value addition to Ghana’s natural resource endowment will be the focus of the new natural resource endowment management policy framework. For the avoidance doubt, there shall be no export of raw materials from Ghana in any form without a minimum of 60% value addition by the year 2030.

  • This will usher in Ghana’s decade of industrial transformation spaning the year 2025 to 2035.

Decarbonization & Climate Resilience

Scaling up Government’s current efforts at reducing Ghana’s carbon footprints and facilitating access to the carbon trading markets, as well as establishing mechanisms to strengthen the country’s preparedness against the negative effects of climate change.


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