Social Services

Improving healthcare access with community clinics and a General Practitioners system, expanding National Health Insurance coverage. Enhancing education with Free SHS optimization, industry-academia links, and basic education improvements. Investing in top-tier sports facilities and academies, fostering private sector involvement for sustainable development.


New policy recommendations under the Health sector will include the following;

  • Expanding Health infrastructure and services to the door step of ordinary Ghanaian by providing catalytic funding at subsidized interest rate for the construction of Community Clinics in towns across the country while restructuring the operations of Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) to significantly improve access to quality health services in rural communities.
  • In addition, the Government will introduce a General Practitioners (GPs) system in healthcare delivery by enhancing private sector participation in the delivery of healthcare services. This will, to a large extent address the issue of poor quality of healthcare and poor coverage.
  • Government will increase the National Health Insurance premium as a basis for extending the benefits package and coverage for Health Insurance premium holders.

  • Government will develop a new system to incentivize health workers across board to improve the working conditions of all health workers as well as a system to offer training and capacity building


New policy recommendations under the Education sector will include the following;

  • Significant number of reforms have been initiated under the current NPP Government in the educational sector including the Free SHS, construction of new boarding facilities in the second cycle institutions, the promotion of STEM education amongst others.

  • The main focus of the new educational interventions under the GTP will be a comprehensive review of these reforms particularly the Free SHS programme to ensure optimum efficiency of its implementation.

  • Government will pay special attention to institutionalizing the link between industry, academia and educational institutions, reinforcing the importance of apprenticeship and internship.

  • Government will review and revamp the concept of Community Day Schools promoted under the previous NDC regime.

  • Although a lot of progress has been made in the development of secondary and tertiary levels, basic education has been under resourced to a large extent over the years. Considering the critical importance of early childhood development, a major thrust of Government’s new interventions in the educational sector will be to improve basic education in all its forms and nature, including but not limited to physical infrastructure, learning facilities, teacher and curriculum development.

  • Government will formulate a more structured transitional arrangement from basic education to secondary education.


New policy recommendations under the Sports sector will include the following;

  • Government will invest in world class new generation sports facilities in selected competitive sporting disciplines.

  • This will be in addition to encouraging private sector investments into sports infrastructure development around the country.

  • A component of this Government intervention in this direction will be the establishment of sport academies to attract long term investments in the selected strategic sporting disciplines, particularly football and boxing.


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